By Reka Nyari [CC BY 3.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Nadia Ali ranks in my top 10 favorite vocalists. She’s come to Texas a few times and I have missed her for one reason or another. Maybe one day I can make up for this grave sin and actually hear her perform live. Until then, I have to console myself with what I can find online. Here are some of my favorite tracks featuring the voice of Nadia Ali.

This article can’t end without mentioning “Rapture,” a popular track that just about every electronic dance music fan knows the words to. Nadia Ali was one of the writers of the song (Markus Moser also helped) and sang its famous lyrics. Released in the fall of 2001, it has since taken its place as a musical symbol of electronic dance music. Check out this acoustic rendition of the song and see Nadia Ali do what she does best.

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