Today I have to finish up an interview I did with Ryan Reeves. I can’t wait to share it with you all. I also need to plan for my upcoming trip to Dallas to See Jordan Suckley and Ian Standerwick. I went to the thrift store to buy some nice, decently priced used clothing for the occasion. I just need proper shoes so I think I shall be borrowing my husband’s shoes if I can’t find anything of value at Famous Footwear, my go to place for cheap shoes. If you look hard enough in the clearance section, there will be something. In case it wasn’t obvious, money is tight so I’m really trying to be more frugal than normal. I’m needing to spend as little as possible on this trip out of town and wish I had someone to split gas and stuff, but ah well. Some of my best times were spent traveling alone. When you’re alone, you are more apt to meet other people. Being in a group enables you to stay close to that group. No doubt in my mind I will have a good time in Dallas. Can’t wait!!!

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