It’s been a long time since we have done a trance artist spotlight. I haven’t had as much time to listen to music as much as I would like, so the past few days have been dedicated to revisiting old favorites and finding new music. The morning began with the previous day being washed away with another bout of rain. The flash flood alert went off more than once in the night, leading to a less than restful sleep but I woke up committed to having a good day anyhow. What I needed was some uplifting trance to get me going and get me motivated to depart for the post office, I decided, so I went on a search for it on Soundcloud. In the search results would appear a track from one Darius Garenowsky.

I could not find much on Darius, besides the fact he lives in the UK but is from Grudziadz, Poland, according to his Facebook. In the music section on his Facebook profile is a like for Armin van Buuren, an artist I also love. We also appear to share a love of euphoric trance, for Darius posted the following track from Sungarden, which is an outright trance masterpiece, on his Facebook in December of last year:

Out of the tracks on his Soundcloud, I think “Eternity” has to be one of my favorites. The sound of strings never ceases to touch me deeply and so when I heard the sound of strings come in at 3:43, my heart nearly burst. It’s nice to hear something than the typical drum roll. The track lasts for a little over 9 minutes, which is unheard of in this day and age of quick radio edits and extended mixes that are barely 6 minutes long. “The Proximity of Separation” also has a unique breakdown and utilizes choral pads to provide an ethereal aesthetic to the track.  There is a sweet vulnerability that comes with playing legato notes and “The Proximity of Separation” is one of those tracks that employs a simple, but effective melody. Darius is definitely on the right track. Check out these tracks and more on his Soundcloud below.