Hallå. Torsdag är här. Today’s Trance Spotlight goes to Sweden, a country known for ABBA, its Swedish meatballs, and one of the highest life expectancies in the world. Stockholm is the capital of Sweden and the residence of Tim Brander, a trance producer, DJ, and sound engineer that goes by the name Future State. There wasn’t much found when looking up the artist name Future State, but a search for Tim Brander turned up the artist alias Snowave. More digging led to a treasure trove of music under his other artist name on Myspace, the social media platform of yore. As Snowave, Brander explores different genres of electronic music but does so expertly (You can hear his music under the Snowave alias at http://bit.ly/2qvZ4Ib). Most songs average under 6 minutes but Brander does a lot within the time allotted.

Yesterday, Brander uploaded an ear-catching uplifting track on his Future State Soundcloud account called “Must Have Been Love” and right away my heartstrings were plucked. Brander has a way with strings and melodies. Must it have been love? It was love. Love at first listen.

Future State’s Soundcloud also includes a playlist of some of his releases from TRANCE PEOPLE RECORDS, a label founded in 201 5 by Italy-based producer Mark Khoen. Brander is also responsible for remixing  Lana Del Rey and turning her big hit “Summertime Sadnesss” into a song I didn’t actually mind hearing for the millionth time. Other artists he has remixed are Utah Saints,  Sean Tyas, Above and  Beyond,and Empire of the Sun.  Here’s to hoping for more original productions and releases down the line.


Follow Trim Brander as Future State on Soundcloud. Follow Tim Brander as Snowave on Soundcloud and  Bandcamp