While some millennials ponder the direction of their immediate future, others are blazing down a self-made trail of success. Ricardo Mendes has not even breached his 30s and has made several EPS and finished three albums during the course of his music career. The 26-year-old DJ and producer from Portugal, who goes by PsilocybeProject, has “Fuck Genres” under the Genre section on his Facebook artist page, but you can place many of his productions in the category of psytrance on high octane. The average DJ will don headphones, use traditional DJ equipment like CD DJS and/or laptops. PsilocybeProject takes it one step further and occasionally brings out his guitar. There is a major lack of live PA acts and DJs who can incorporate live instruments, so it’s refreshing to see someone who is willing and able to step from behind the decks.

PsilocybeProject’s newest EP Break the Vision has sailed into 36th place on the Beatport charts. The three track EP’s scheduled release was April 20, 2017, but a day before its official release PsilocybeProject live streamed the entire EP on his Facebook. On his artist page, he regularly reacts with his fans and lets them into the creative parts of his life off the stage. But if you want to exchange positive energy with PsilocybeProject in person, you can catch him this summer around Portugal. He will be appearing at Infected Guitars Festival July 7th, Time Warp August 5th, Natural Elements September 8th, and the 7th edition of the Magic Kid Birthday Party on November 11th.

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