Oh man is it good to be back, and due to some recent news, I am hyped up! I really hope you enjoyed the guest series. We will do another one later down the road so don’t worry. That being said, with taking back over the Top 5, and being hyped up, I figured it was a good time for some Who’s Afraid Of 138?!, in your face, psytrance action! This week’s Top 5 includes tracks from Berg, Ben Nicky, DRYM, Shinovi, and (to my own personal surprise) Andrew Rayel. I hope you enjoy and thank you, thank you, thank you, for your continued support of this series.

PS. keep an eye out on the “Guilty Spark” Facebook page for some special announcements coming soon. Otherwise,  I’ll see you at Stereo Live Houston on July 14th, on The Terrace, from 12:00-2:00am!

Berg – Randa (Extended Mix)

Ben Nicky – Cobra (Extended Mix)

DRYM – Wraith (Extended Mix)

Shinovi – Indian Summer (Extended Mix)

Andrew Rayel – Tacadum (Extended Mix)