First and foremost, I’d like to apologize for taking so long on this review. Real life intervened and I needed to take care of some personal business. All that being said, it’s finally time to tell you all about my experience at SEED: Transformational Festival!


Night 1 – Berfore It All Started (April 21st, 2016)

My girlfriend Jordan and I decided to arrive the night before the festival started as we were both performing the next night and didn’t want to deal with setting up camp before performing. Seed was the first out of town gig for the both of us. Needless to say we were both very anxious. We didn’t get to Goliad until after 3 in the morning since Jordan was booked to play Stereo Live earlier that night. We finished setting up around 4:30 am. We were both very tired but were ready for the festival to begin the next day. 

Day 1 – Let The Festivities Commence (April 22nd, 2016)

We ended up getting about five hours of sleep before waking up. Before we explored the festival grounds, we made a run into for supplies (namely, food and booze). When we returned, we were able to capture the full experience of coming into the festival. It was really something else. The entrance was a simple gate with an arrow pointing in, like a secret entrance to another world, which Seed essentially was.


The path into the festival itself was long, but the staff made sure to leave signs to let you know you were on the right path. First there was a sign warning you to go slow going over a rough patch of rocks.


Further down the road was another sign letting you know to keep going.


Going even further down, one might have began to question “Are we really going the right way?!” Well, there was another sign letting you know that you were.


Finally, right before you got to the festival grounds and started thinking you were lost, there was one last sign letting you know otherwise.


Before the festival itself started, we decided to explore. We checked out the stages being built and had a little fun goofing around with a replica Keyblade from the video game Kingdom Hearts.


Day 1 / Night 2 – Lights, Music, and FIRE!

When you’re at an outdoor festival, you can expect porta potties. The ones at Seed were great until people started putting beer cans in them. If you were hungry, there were a lot of delicious food options, from snow comes to bbq to baked potatoes. Once the event started, the music was bumpin’ nice and loud. Each stage was far enough away so that sounds from the other stages didn’t clash. Now to be honest I had a great time day drinking so I don’t recall too much from Day 1.

As the sun set the lights came on, the music seemed to get louder, and the pyramid stage was spouting fire! It was great! Nightime was when this festival definitely came alive. One act I enjoyed earlier in the night was Morphis, an artist that painted to the groove of the music playing. He even allowed some children on stage to watch. It was a real treat. 


The night progressed and it was almost time for me to play. I had the honor of opening for one of the headliners, SHX. Considering the overall goal and feel of the festival, I figured some classic trance was a good way to go. I started with a club remix of Robert Miles’s Children. After almost an hour of playing classics like Exploration Of Space and Sandstorm, it was time for me to pass the decks to the one and only SHX!

SHX had a really good progressive psytrance set and even brought along a midi keyboard to play live. You could tell from his performance that this was a guy who really enjoyed making and playing music. After SHX came my girl Nessaja, a girl who has had to scratch and claw to get where she is. She most definitely impressed this night. Jordan started full force and just kept going. No lie, I felt like I was listening to an ASOT set. It was that good in my opinion. Halfway through her set the sound cut off. Come to find out the generator ran out of gas. It’s something I that feel that could have been avoided but hey, things happen and life goes on. After Jordan’s set we decided to head to the tent to catch up on some rest. We fell asleep to the bass thumping all around. 

Day 2 – Decisions (April 23rd, 2016)

Jordan and I couldn’t decide if we wanted to stay another day. We were sunburned and pretty tired. We wanted to do something relaxing so we ultimately decided to head out. Seed was one hell of an experience! The music and the atmosphere were good. Everybody was there just to have a good time so there weren’t any negative vibes going around.

Thanks to Culture Crew, Kit Likwid, and Rusty aka Digits. You guys threw one hell of an event and I really hope you all continue to throw events like this in the future. Jordan and I look forward to returning! For more photos from our time at Seed: Transformational Festival, browse through the gallery below. For more photos and video taken at the event, check out the Discussion on the event page here.

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