Content Creator

Born and raised in Houston, I operate as an independent music journalised based right here in the Bayou City. I generate content for my own website, You Betta Trance, in addition to other outfits, such as The Faces of Edm. My main focus is trance music but write features for all sorts of artists from the electronic dance music world, report on current events of interest to the community, and promote events.

Historian and Recordkeeper

It is important to me that all those who came before and all the establishments that paved the way for the current scene I participate in to be recognized. I want to tell more than just my story. I want to document the achievements of others. When people think of electronic dance music, they do not consider Houston or Texas for that matter very instrumental but I would have to disagree. Texas has some real, authentic talent and it is my duty to let the world know.

Trance Lover and Disciple

I like to say that trance music found me and not the other way around. I feel honored to be able to connect to the melodies, the powerful lyrics, the vibrant emotion, and the positive energy that embodies trance music. It’s a subgenre of electronic dance music that has shown its doubters time after time that it is resilient and also adaptive. It changes lives and breathes life into those who would be embraced by it. My mission is to spread awareness of trance music, promote events, and share the gospel of trance. I had no exposure to trance growing up. It was only after I started venturing into my local electronic dance music scene in the summer of 2001 that I discovered the sound. I’ve been hooked ever since.

Mom of Two Warrior Princesses

I am a proud mom to two daughters who I share my love of trance music with. A friend has dubbed them the “Trance Twins.” They have been involved with trance since before their birth, as I always played trance when pregnant with them. On both of their delivery days, I listened to Oceanlab’s Sirens of the Sea album. Sky was gifted the middle name Armina, in honor of Armin van Burren (I just added an “a” to Armin) and Rain was gifted with the middle name Justine in honor of Justine Suissa of Oceanlab fame. I wish for them to adopt the music I love but if they don’t, there will not be a time where they are not listening to it when around me!