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I am a 21st century scribe, mother of two, content creator, and a trance music enthusiast. You Betta Trance covers the world of trance, the electronic dance community, and its global impact. Vibe with me. Read me. Dance with me.

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Sven at Limelight Houston 1-15-2016

Sven rocking out at Limelight Houston!! The mic on my phone can’t handle the bass on the sound system at this club so my apologies!!! I still wanted to capture...

German Stage Takeover: Sven Neer at Limelight Houston 1-15-2016

Sven Neer at the Solarstone show at Limelight Houston (Source:

Solarstone came, delivered, and conquered

When it was announced that the Pure Trance eagle landed in Houston Friday afternoon, I was so relieved as travel issues prevented Solarstone from coming to Houston last year. I...

Hello my Trancers

You have arrived. As I sit here typing, thousands of people are congregating in San Francisco at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium. They have arrived to a much higher plane,...

Interview with Sven Neer: The German Abides Part 1

I met Sven at Red Dessert Drive, a small but quaint coffee shop in the Heights. When I arrived to the spot, I discovered to no surprise that the parking...


No boom boom boom trance for me today. I am taking this day to relax, recover, and work on videos. I think I’m about ready to say fuck it and...

Arctic Moon – Data Ghost is out of the gate

Just a wee bit excited about this one!! When I can sit down and enjoy music while also not fiddling around with videos, I will purchase this one....