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I am a 21st century scribe, mother of two, content creator, and a trance music enthusiast. You Betta Trance covers the world of trance, the electronic dance community, and its global impact. Vibe with me. Read me. Dance with me.

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Armin’s livestream just announced his Armin Only – Embrace Only tour!! People like Mr. Probz and Betsie Larskin will be on the tour, as well as other artists. Subscribe on

Full Interview with Johnathon Van De Cruz

I saw that you were born in 1991. This was the year that shows that took part in defining my teenage years began airing on Nickelodeon: Clarissa Explains It All and...

Passing the time with Johnathon Van De Cruz [INTERVIEW]

Once upon a time, before children, I went to a small café, restaurant, and bar named Bohemeo’s in the East End for their Beatles night. During these nights, people would...

Allan Morrow Tribute Mix

Someone (this someone being DJ Nico who hails from Belgium) made a tribute mix to Allen Morrow so if you are a fan of Allan Morrow productions, this mix is...

Ben Nicky week starts today!!!

Ben Nicky is coming to Dallas so to prepare I will be bringing you at least one Ben Nicky mix per day. The first is Ben Nicky’s closing set in...

Houston traffic + early morning = something something

Thank God I had trance to keep me from raging. If you like the track below, it is available on Beatport and Itunes. Download on Beatport: Download on iTunes:...

Blue Silence & Matt Chowski – Nothing To Fear (New World Epic Intro Mix [REVIEW]

Blue Silence, composed of Polish trancer producers Sneaky & Sami,  and Matt Chowski, another up and coming Polish producer collaborated on Nothing to Fear. Listening to this track, I want...