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I am a 21st century scribe, mother of two, content creator, and a trance music enthusiast. You Betta Trance covers the world of trance, the electronic dance community, and its global impact. Vibe with me. Read me. Dance with me.

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My interview with Sven Neer: Part 1 and Part 2

I have been trying to import my blog from Tumblr over to WordPress and updating posts so without further ado, I present both parts of my interview with Sven Neer!!...


Video previously published on Neon Owl Praise be to the trance gods for people like these two who are making an attempt to provide a more secure place to buy...

Another day, another post to edit

I am starting off the day with bacon, waffles, and progressive house music. I’m in desperate need of a pause button on life so I can edit all these posts...


No pain, no gain. Gotta dig! 100 percent whole wheat lasagna for 89 cents yo (at Kroger)...

Unix XL – Celestia (original mix)

This track is in good company. Might have to get this 2 disc mix this is part of. (Source:

Solarstone’s David Bowie tribute

Solarstone’s David Bowie tribute! I was left speechless. (Source:

Solarstone at Limelight Houston’s Entranced night 1-15-2016

First big trance event of the year with a headliner!! It didn’t disappoint!! (Source: