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I am a 21st century scribe, mother of two, content creator, and a trance music enthusiast. You Betta Trance covers the world of trance, the electronic dance community, and its global impact. Vibe with me. Read me. Dance with me.

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Trance Thursday with Cipher Music

Hello and good morning my trancers. It is a rather humid morning down here in Houston, Texas but I am up and ready to take on today. I am beginning...

Trance Terminal – DHAKA

My trance mix for the afternoon is above. It’s been an overall nice day. I got some articles out of the way this morning and got my vehicle inspected earlier...

Omniks & Eufonica – Adelia [REVIEW]

The track starts out with a driving bassline and then sprinkles the most delicate of sounds throughout. Around 1:57 the track gets quiet and gradually crescendoes until the track comes...

Long day, longer week ahead

  LazerTrance has passed and so has ASOT750 Utrecht. We launch into yet another week. Today my husband had off, but he has a bum knee so I had to...

Astrix aims for your mind, body, and soul with He.Art

Avi Shmailov, also known as Astrix, has unleashed his fourth album onto the world, Astrix is well known to psytrance fans around the world. To purchase Astrix’s album, click...

Misja Helsloot – Live @ A State Of Trance Festival, (15 Years & Counting Stage ) – 27-FEB-2016

The sets are coming in from ASOT Utrecht last night…..I missed this one because I was listening to Ferry Tayle Facebook for Misja: Twitter: Soundcloud: Instagram:

What’s Ahead Today’s agenda involves possibly hosting the inlaws for a belated birthday party for my youngest daughter Rain, doing some things around the house, and hopefully some shopping at the...