Photo by Tony Nungaray

After the rumors started swirling that W&W may return to trance at Ultra Music Festival in Miami under the alias NWYR, I felt a strong urge to fire off a bazooka. Once upon a time, W&W made trance. They caught my attention with tracks like “The Plan” in 2009 and “Alpha” in 2010. Sadly, this incarnation of W&W would not last.

Around 2012, their sound started to change and take on more big room house influences. At that time, Trance 2.0 was coming into its own and tracks like “Moscow” and “Thunder” fit that mold. Then came “Invasion”, the track chosen to be the anthem for ASOT 550. I remember feeling indifferent at this time. I wanted to like it, but my trance heart wasn’t having it. Thereafter things went to shit and W&W sold themselves out — I mean, changed directions — to produce music that was more popular with the mainstream masses. The last straw for me came when W&W remixed “PPAP.”

After producing crap like “Whatcha Need”, why would the trancefamily want them back? I am interested to see what W&W comes up with, but I don’t have high hopes or very high expectations. It would appear that a number of people are contemplating returning to trance but not out of a desire to get back to their roots. It comes off contrived and fake. Arctic Moon said it best on Twitter.


Truth from Arctic Moon


Thanks to those who have remained with trance and produced it out of love, in spite of a fledgling scene in the United States, naysayers, and money seducing others to leave the genre. W&W better come correct if they are coming back to trance.