It took me a long time to get to a point where I could write this. I didn’t want to go back into my head and relive the fright that consumed me upon almost being trapped by rising floodwaters, or fearing that I had put my family in jeopardy by staying in Houston as there were points that we could not leave our neighborhood, much less the city. Looking out my living room window, I can see the light sunbathing the leaves of the trees and it is peaceful save the barking of agitated dogs behind fences. Not too long ago all I saw outside my window was a dark sky with sheets of rain falling down to submerge Houston and its surrounding areas. The entire city went under water. Freeways became impassible. Airlines shut down. Some areas received an average of over 40 inches of rain in the span of three days. We got lucky and didn’t suffer any real damage to our house or to our vehicles, but others lost everything, including their lives.

During the ordeal, I would lose contact with friends who were stranded in their homes. Others posted about being stuck on freeways, in buildings, and in parking lots. I couldn’t get to them. Tornado warnings started to regularly screech across the screen and the alerts on my phone were relentless. We thankfully had power throughout Hurricane Harvey. To not have power and not know what is going on save what you can see on your phone or through a radio would have made things a lot worse to deal with. I checked on my parents periodically. Their house did not suffer damage and my mom remained in fairly good spirits despite being near an area that was under a lot of tornado threats. Saying it was stressful is an understatement.

Hurricane Harvey rain flooding

Came Up Higher than we have ever seen it during Hurricane Harvey


As one can imagine, I did not sleep very well. Upon waking to more rain and seeing the water rise, there wasn’t much to do except listen to music and try to keep my mind occupied. Music helped keep me sane when I felt anxious. It offered a reprieve from worrying about how high the water would get and if we would weather the hurricane alright. People of different creeds, shades, professions, and backgrounds were ravaged by the floodwaters from Harvey. Over the next four days, I saw everyone just be human beings. People used their own personal vehicles and boats to save others. Social media played a crucial role in alerting everyone to certain folks whereabouts. It saved lives.

Flood Jam. Be safe, stay home!

Posted by Deep End Recordings on Sunday, August 27, 2017


Eventually, the rain would stop and the water would recede. Cars would fill the roads, but what punctuated the normal sound of people moving about were helicopters. I still hear them periodically. During the height of the rescues, you could hear them all the time, day and night. The city was placed under a curfew until midnight, effectively killing off any opportunity to work off any stress on the dance floor. Any night owl will tell you that things just get started around midnight. If you are in the nightlife industry, an establishment being open past midnight is crucial to the business. It is understandable why the curfew was kept in place so long, as not every place in Houston was dry and security (of self and property) was a very pressing concern. As of Tuesday, September 5, 2017, the curfew has lifted on the city except for a few spots that are on the city’s radar.  I now have the opportunity to attend A Little Help From My Friends, featuring Ben Nicky and a supporting lineup of Houston locals.

The first time I witnessed a live set from Ben Nicky was at the first Dreamstate in San Bernardino, California in 2015. There was a lot of love for Anjunabeats in that set but also a lot of energy, complete with a style of mixing that was geared to excite the brain’s neuron and launch the mind into a trance fueled frenzy. Ever since then, I’ve kept tabs on Ben Nicky. I am all too eager to let out the last two week’s frustrations out in my sanctuary.

When the name “Ben Nicky” is uttered, tattoos and Headf*ck mash-ups come to mind, but if you go back in the Ben Nicky catalog, you will find that he is a more versatile artist than people give him credit for. In 2011, Ben Nicky released The One with Cassandra Fox on vocal duties. Ben Nicky has a penchant for uplifting tracks, as evidenced in the release of Pebbles on the same label three years later.

Ben Nicky has caught the attention of Armada, Vandit, Garuda, Black Hole Recordings, Universal Nation, Ultra, ARVA, and Mental Asylum Records. As well traveled as he is by now, Ben Nicky is taking the time to play for A Little Help From My Friends here in Houston. The event benefits Friends for Life Rescue and Adoption Organization, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit that aims to not just house animals but spends time caring for them so that they may be placed into loving homes.

The charity event that will benefit Friends For Life Rescue and Adoption Organization will be held at the infamous Rich’s at 2401 San Jacinto in Midtown. In addition to DJs and performers, the audience will have the opportunity to bid on a wide selection of goodies and services in the silent auction, as well as bid on participants in the bachelor and bachelorette auction. Tonight is important for many reasons, celebrating life and helping an organization extend another chance at life for creatures that can’t always help themselves, being the main ones.

For more information on Friends For Life Rescue and Adoption Organization, visit Check out the event page and get your tickets here