Yesterday evening I went to the grocery store to pick up a few items and witnessed man after man scrambling inside to buy last-minute Valentine’s Day gifts. Instead of falling over one another to get chocolates and flowers these men could have stayed home and just played Shawn Wasabi’s latest song, “Spicy Boyfriend.”

Not one to do anything half-assed, Wasabi recruited cute hospital to design the cover art for “Spicy Boyfriend.” It’s fun and playful, much like Wasabi’s music. Those nervous men in Kroger stood in a long self-check out line and skipped out on impressing their lady loves with Wasabi’s latest, but that’s none of my business.

The last time I wrote about Shawn Wasabi, he was turning a temporary loss around. Last year Wasabi was the victim of theft. He would end up bouncing back with a new computer and midi fighter. Shawn Wasabi is firmly back in the saddle and has released “Spicy Boyfriend” to raise money to fund a tour. Help a spicy boy out and purchase “Spicy Boyfriend” on Itunes. Stream it on Spotify.

Shawn Wasabi talks about Spicy Boyfriend in Youtube Comments


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