Soda Island is not a carbonated beverage lover’s paradise but the name of a music collective that brings together the talents of a diverse array of musicians. I aimed to write about the album the collective released last year in July but other projects took priority. Today, A Trip To Soda Island is getting my full attention because it is such a great album and deserving of recognition.

A Trip to Soda Island includes tracks from Grynpyret, Ramzoid, spire, Izzard, refraQ, AVIONICS, and Arian Cook. If you’re looking for music that has a high BPM or wobbling with bass, this album isn’t for you. The closest the album comes to that is with the track “Thoughts” featuring Spire. If you are searching for chill, introspective electronic music with a hip hop flair, A Trip to Soda Island will be up your alley. The soulful vocal stylings of Canadian singer-songwriter, FAWNA is featured on Spire’s “Reverie” and adds the perfect layer of chill-hop to a track that is already head-swaying and finger-snapping good. Merival and Rakita also lend their voices to the album, rounding out this compilation. Take a trip to Soda Island and relax. You’ll be glad you did.

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