It’s rare to see printed flyers for weeklies and monthlies these days. I usually don’t see flyers on my car unless I have attended a festival. Several people standing outside a venue after a show with a handful of flyers used to be rather commonplace. Not anymore. With more people setting up shop on Facebook, Instagram, and other social media sites to connect and court prospective customers, it makes sense that promotion has transferred to the Internet. Digital flyers have replaced printed flyers, allowing a greater reach and a reduction in costs. There are a host of flyers slapped together that combine the best of the worst: small and/or illegible font, a blinding font color, and scantily clad women who are never at the advertised event. Then there are flyers that show that someone cared enough to put the best image forward of the event. Take a gander at some of the better-designed flyers floating around the web right now.


Sundays at Pistoleros

From 1:00 p m to 10:00 pm on Sundays, Pistoleros is the home to house grooves and provides an invitation to kick back under the Houston sun on the patio. Daniel Dharamsingh (Dan Sing) and owner of Kinda Super Disco, Josh Dupont, have teamed up to make flyers for this popular Sunday Funday spot in Houston. Simple, clean, and colorful. To find out more on Josh Dupont and Pistoleros, follow him on Facebook at

Flyers for Pistoleros 1

The Imagery of Cesar Giovani

Cesar Giovani is a house DJ, producer, and a freelance graphic designer based in Houston. A recent college graduate, Cesar has his nose to the grind and has created some great flyers of late. Here are just a few of them! If you want to see more, follow Cesar on Facebook and Instagram. You can hear his sounds on his Soundcloud and Mixcloud.

Flyer Work by Cesar Giovani

Flyer work of Cesar Giovani


OTB  Soundsystem and Co. Flyers

Rodney Gray from OTB Soundsystem has taken the lead in revamping the warehouse located at 7115 Harrisburg, Boulevard.  The Vortex is now open Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays for nighttime shenanigans. Here you will here everything to house to dub to trap to drum and bass. On Thursday nights the warehouse hosts Houston’s only drum and bass and jungle weekly. The flyers for some of these events have been very vibrant and colorful. Check some of them , made by Rodney Gray, out below. For more information on OTB Soundsystem go to 


The Vortex

Murderation Flyer 1

Murderation Flyer 2



Deep End Recordings Flyers

Deep End Recordings is more than a record label. It is a force in house music and in events in the Greater Houston area. The flyers for events hosted by the label, designed by Deep End Recordings owner Lucas Keizer, are also fairly fabulous. Set your peepers on these fun flyers. For more information on Deep End Recordings, visit the website at and follow on Facebook.


Elevate at SideBar in The Westin Hotel

Deep End Presents Cinco De Mayo at The Frathouse

Deep End Thursdays September 2016