One of the items on my to-do list for 2017 was to start the morning with mindfulness, so before I turn on the trance I play music that allows me to quiet my thoughts and meditate on the days I am able to sit still long enough. On the days I just feel like sitting outside prior to my little ones clamouring out of bed, I play deep house and most recently, chillout music. On the quest for house music, I turned to Soundcloud and listened to a four track EP from Cr2 Trax. This EP almost became today’s Friday Find, but a writing break led to the discovery of Dj Maretimo. A few sentences into my write up on the fourth installment of the Cr2 Trax EP series, I stepped away from my work momentarily to scroll through Facebook for something to listen to. A post by Dj Maretimo came up in my feed, advertising chillout music. Intrigued, I clicked and found exactly what I needed at that moment and time.

Michael Maretimo, who goes by Dj Maretimo, is a German dj and producer of chillout music, lounge music, Balearic house, jazz, and downtempo. He has been spinning records for over two decades and is the founder of Manifold Records (Manifold Music GmbH), a label that has been in existence since 1989. No one can say that Maretimo is not busy, as he updates a weekly Spotify playlist every Monday and maintains a weekly radio show called Maretimo Sessions that can be found at the following Internet radio stations:

Tuesdays on from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm CET
Fridays on from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm CET
Sundays on from  7:00 pm  to 9:00pm CET

Finding mixes from Dj Maretimo is relatively easy. The bulk of them are on Youtube, where Dj Maretimo runs several channels: one for his lounge music mixes, Jazz Loungebar where you can hear mixes of smooth jazz, Chillout King Ibiza, Islands of Chill, Buddha Deluxe Lounge, and Best of Delmar. Two of his Youtube channels have garnered 5 million views as of 2016 and his Jazz Loungebar had 2 million views at last count. Today he gained one more subscriber. Below you will find Volume 2 of Dj Maretimo’s Late Night Grooves mix. If you ever need to unwind, Dj Maretimo’s got you covered.

Keep up with Dj Maretimo on Facebook,  Twitter, Google+. Purchase his music on Itunes, Beatport, and Traxxsource.