Today’s Friday Find came about from searching for Super 8 & Tab’s remix of “Never Say Never” on Youtube after hearing it played on yesterday’s episode of A State of Trance. On the right side of the screen were recommendations, many from Black Hole Recordings. Only one stood out. The screen capture showed a woman on a skateboard and the title of the mix was “Psychedelic Trance Mix 2017 Wrecking the Dancefloor #9.” How could I not click on that? What bad could come of it? Intrigued, I clicked and came to an awesome video mix from Dj Electric Samurai that combined footage of skateboarders and blood pumping psytrance.

The Youtube channel boasts over 40,000 subscribers, pairing trance with images of psytrance festivals, hooping, exotic locales, beautiful women, and outdoor escapades. If your third eye needs something to watch, look no further than Dj Electric Samurai’s YouTube channel. Follow Dj Electric Samurai on Youtube (Go here for his Dj Electric Samurai account and here for his Electric Samurai account) Facebook, and SoundcloudIf you would like to see more videos and help him buy more music, you can donate at