The Venue: Stereo Live
Houston, TX
Kyau & Albert

It was definitely a night of unexpected surprises, trance, and good vibes all around! In my last review I said when it comes to trance events, I usually like to get to the venue pretty early and enjoy a night full of trance. This still remains true for pretty much any trance event I’m able to attend. However, Saturday night I actually had the honor of opening the loft, which has gotten a seriously wicked upgrade. I’m talking full production with lights and screens. Shortly after 9pm, I was asked if I wanted to open on the mainstage, as Kyau & Albert would now not be performing until 11pm. Needless to say  I was ecstatic going from opening the loft to opening on the mainstage!

Now I have to admit, I was definitely more prepared for a set in the loft than I was mainstage, but this is why you always have extra music with you, just incase! Knowing that Kyau & Albert were part of the Anjunabeats family and assuming that the crowd would be as well, I wanted to bring the Anjuna love all night. And so I went with a more progressive opening and slightly picked up the tempo towards the end. As it got closer to 11pm, I saw two people walking up the stairs to the stage. It was Kyau & Albert! I was so nervous and kind of in shock from meeting them and getting to open for them, that all I could do was shake their hands. They did seem a bit concerned about the crowd size, but they understood that Euphoria was going on this same weekend. Nevertheless, they seemed excited and ready to perform. Kyau & Albert allowed me to play one last track, so to bring the mood down in anticipation for the headliners I chose to play OceanLab – Satellite (Markus Schulz Coldharbour MixIt was now time, and a dream come true, to hand over the decks to Kyau & Albert, and they did not disappoint!


K&A started off by going the more progressive route, but quickly picked it up within an hour to go all out and just have some fun playing fantastic tracks. K&A also seemed to be promoting their label Euphonic heavily throughout the night as the label logo came up frequently on the screen. The highlight of the night for me is when K&A played a remix of Velvet Morning. Such a great track. I about went nuts. I’m glad I caught a bit of it on video.

Kyau & Albert were definitely a good choice to replace the healing Paul Van Dyk. Overall it was a great night for trance and a great night at Stereo. The production was on point, the sound was great, and Kyau & Albert did a fantastic job. The crowd was definitely full of Anjuna fam, but did seem lighter than normal, most likely due to Euphoria happening at the same time. I hope to return to Stereo Live Houston soon  and also  hope that trance continues to make it’s way into Texas more and more, as it seems to be doing. I was able to get more pictures and video of this event than I was able to for the last review I did, so I hope you enjoy them!