Photo courtesy of The Super Modified Agency

The Venue: Stereo Live (Houston, TX)
Headliner(s): Cosmic Gate

It was truly a night to remember. Trance, lights, and friends all around! Cosmic Gate trance was definitely in full effect this night. 

When it comes to trance events, I usually like to get to the venue pretty early because I like to enjoy a full night of trance. It’s even better when your friends are opening up the show, which was the case this night. I arrived at Stereo Live early enough to catch portions of both openers (inside and out). Both really had their own feel about them. Armando Medina (MonStar) opened up the terrace. As soon as I walked in, my head started bobbing to the uplifting beat. It was great. After saying hello to Armando and a few other friends, I decided to go inside for a bit and was not disappointed. Inside on the mainstage was Albert Fix opening the night with a great progressive track selection. It was perfect for setting the mood and getting people excited for what was to come later that night.


It’s now 11pm. I honestly had no clue who was direct support and stuck around because I was curious as to who it was. It was none other than Sami Thompson (Sami Thompson DJ RN)!


I was really happy about this because in my opinion Sami really deserved the time slot he got. Boy did he deliver. Sami had the whole crowd dancing and grooving to his set with his track selection, giving that energetic and bouncy feel. I’m the kind of person that likes to walk around and enjoy all the music being played before the headliners are scheduled to perform so I went outside to the terrace to catch some of my good friend Ryan Reeves.  

Ryan Reeves is known locally as “Mr. 140” so when I walked outside I was surprised to hear a different style of trance coming from the stage. He did really well,  keeping the vibe on the terrance upbeat and keeping people dancing. Once I checked my watch and noticed it was midnight, I decided to go inside and find a good spot to watch Cosmic Gate’s introduction. It came to be somewhere around 12:15-ish. It was now time! The lights turned off, the music stopped, and for a brief moment all you could hear is the crowds murmurs of excitement. Suddenly the lights and sound came on in full force. Cosmic Gate’s performance had begun!


I honestly can’t remember every single detail of Cosmic Gate’s set, but I can tell you this. Everything was on point. The light and video work by Iira Cheney and Chris Ciborowski flowed really well with every track that Cosmic Gate played. The track selection, both “modern” and “classic” tracks was fantastic. They played a couple of my favorite tracks, including Falling Back and Exploration Of Space. The crowd was great, filled with trance fans of all ages. I really enjoy seeing this because it shows people that persons of all ages can enjoy not just trance, but any form of dance music. All in all, it really was a night to remember with all the great music played throughout the night. I hope that trance continues to make ways into Texas more and more.