Hear ye, hear ye. Bryan Kearney and Kearnage Recordings has joined the ranks of Amplifyd. Material from Bryan Kearney and Kearnage Recordings joins Neptune Project, Thomas Datt, Adam Ellis, and ReOrder on the new music platform that brings music, artists, and fans together.

There are four packages available for Kearnage Recordings: bronze, silver, gold, and VIP. With the Kearnage Bronze package, you can download any 10 tracks from the complete Kearnage Archive with the 10 Download Credits you receive for $9.99. The tracks in the Kearnage Archive will include tracks released two weeks after their official release dates. For $24.99, you can receive 30 download credits as part of the Silver Package. You will also receive access to the guest list request system for Kearnage and Bryan Kearney club events and festival performances, which will be valid for a period of 1 year after purchase. The Gold Package will cost $59.99, you receive 50 Download Credits, access to the Kearnage Amplifyd guest list request system, a T-shirt, and an exclusive limited edition wristband. Last but not least is the VIP Package at only $119.99 that provides unlimited download credits for one year for the first 100 packages purchased. You will have the entire Kearnage Archive at your fingertips, one-week priority access to the Kearnage Amplifyd guest list request system, meet and greet opportunities with Bryan and other Kearnage artists where schedule permits, and a limited edition signed “All Over Again” lyric sheet. The first 50 people who purchase the Kearnage VIP Package will receive a signed copy of This is Kearnage Volume that was signed by Bryan Kearney.

This new addition to the Amplifyd platform will continue to push Amplifyd into the consciousness of fans and bring more together in music. The platform is gaining steam and adding some great incentives to sign up. For more information, go to https://amplifydmusic.com/.